2018 RBA Awards

The 2018 Awards were presented at the Opening of the RBA exhibition by Philip Mould, OBE, to open the show.  He is an English art dealer, writer and broadcaster.  He is one of the country’s foremost authorities on British art and is an Antiques Roadshow regular. He is also the super sleuth on the programme Fake or Fortune which he presents with Fiona Bruce.
(Featured Image – ‘My Pleasure’ by Teresa Hunyadi Winner of the Marianne von Werther Memorial Award & the Nathan David Award for Sculpture)

The Award Winners are as follows:

The de Lazlo Foundation Prize – Caroline Pool – ‘Here I am : Howard’
The Artist Magazine Award – Sarah Butterfield – ‘Cakes for Tea’
Nathan David Award for Sculpture – Teresa Hunyadi – ‘My Pleasure’
The Davidson Award for Oil Painting – Stuart Howitt – ‘Pandering to the Camera’
The Dry Red Press Award – Barbara Jackson – ‘Make Way’
Frinton Frames Award – Benjamin Hope – ‘St Paul’s from Cannon Street, Afternoon’
Hahnemühle Fine Art UK Award – Jeremy Galton RBA – ‘Michaelmas Daisies II’
The Michael Harding Award 1 – Renee Spierdijk – ‘Striped Dress’
The Michael Harding Award 2 – Lee Madgwick RBA – ‘Merry-Go-Canter’
The Gordon Hulson Prize – Max Mansbridge-West – ‘Self Portrait’
The John Ingram Memorial Prize – Isabella Crouch – ‘The Three Lydias’
The LARA Prize for a Young Artist – Jessica Debba – ‘Self Portrait at Twenty-Four ( Not exhibited)
The Anthony J Lester Art Critic Award – Robert Truscott – ‘Operation Gericht’
The Patron’s Prize – Cheryl Culver RBA PPPS – ‘Jumble of Rocks’
The Stuart Southall Print Prize – Kirsten van Schreven – ‘Airframe IV’
The Geoffrey Vivis Memorial Award – Jasmyn Frazer – ‘Golden Age’
The Marianne von Werther Memorial Award – Teresa Hunyadi – ‘My Pleasure’
The Winsor & Newton Painting award – Timothy Gatenby – ‘Dark Lanes’
The Surgeons Prize – Ruth Murray – ‘Fish Market, 100 Smirrells Road’
The Whistler Medal – Hilary Frew – ‘Us Two’

Us Two by Hilary Frew

Operation Gericht by Robert Truscott

St Pauls from Cannon Street Afternoon by Benjamin Hope

Fish Market by Ruth Murray

Dark Lanes by Timothy Gatenby

My Pleasure by Teresa Hunyadi

Golden Age by Jasmyn Fraser

Airframe-IV by Kirsten Van Schreven

Jumble of Rocks by Cheryl Culver

Self Portrait at Twenty-Four by Jessica Debba

The Three Lydias by Izzy Crouch

Self-Portrait by Max Mansbridge-West

Merry-Go-Canter by Lee Madgwick

Striped Dress by Renee Spierdijk

Michaelmas Daisies II by Jeremy Galton

Make Way by Barbara Jackson