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Huaicun Zhang Hon RBA
Zhang Huaicun, born in December 1972, Tu Ethnic Minority, British Chinese. Member of the Chinese Writers Association. Artist, author of children's literatures. Her Publication including Pencil Tree, One Snowflake, The Oasis in My Heart, The Red House, On the Train of Autumn, Space of Freedom, Huaicun and Her Friends, Listening to the Flower Bloom, Huaicun's Chinese Painting and Calligraphy. Held art exhibitions in Hong Kong, Macau, Seoul, Tokyo, New York City, Paris and other cities successfully. Translated The Sun on the Tree, My Name is Bob, BBC Nation's Favourite Poetry about Childhood and other English illustrated books and poetry selections. Her most recent books including: On the Train of Autumn and The Habitat for Fairy Tales. She lives in London now.


Poetry collection:
  • 1999 One Snowflake, Writers Publishing House
  • 2000 The Oasis in My Heart, China Workers' Publishing House
  • 2001 A Collection off Short Poems by Huaicun, Huaxia International Publishing House
Essay collection:
  • 2002 Listening to the Flower Bloom, Haifeng Publishing House
  • 2005 Space of Freedom, China Pictorial Press
  • 2007 Huaicun and Her Friends, Huacheng Publishing House
  • 2019 On the Train of Autumn, Hope Publishing House
Children's poetry:
  • 2004 Pencil tree, Writers Publishing House
  • 2009 Little Koala Bear on the Pencil tree, The Second Classroom
  • 2011 Pencil tree : Illustrated Picture Book, China Children's Publishing House
  • 2019 The Habitat for Fairy Tales, Beijing Children's Publishing House
Plays for children:
  • 2008-Huacheng Publishing House
  • Nap in Spring
  • Home For Bird Here and Everywhere
  • Talking Flowers
  • Play with the Sun
  • Looking for the Stars
  • The Fish From Next Door
  • 2002 Collections of Zhang Huaicun's Paintings, inscription by Zhuang Shiping, People's Fine Arts Publishing House
  • 2011 Collections of Huaicun's calligraphy and paintings, incription by Rao Zongyi, Guangdong Education Publishing House
Work translated:
  • The Sun on the Tree, Heilongjiang Children's Publishing House, May 2018
  • My name is Bob: An Illustrated Picture Book, Guangming Daily Press, May 2016
  • The Red Tiles by Cao Wenxuan, Path International Ltd, UK, 2020[9]
  • Cao Wenxuan' s Novel Collection, Guangdong Education Press, March 2011
  • Green Apple Library Series, Guangdong Education Press, April 2012
  • Cao Wenxuan' s Novel: Collector's Edition, Guangdong Education Publishing House, cover work by Zhang huaicun, January 2018
  • Let’s read Cao Wenxuan, Changjiang literature and Art Publishing House, cover work by Zhang huaicun, August 2018
  • Fire Osmanthus and Sweet Orange Tree by Cao Wenxuan, Peking University Press, with oil paintings by Zhang huaicun on the inside pages, February 2020


  • In October 2003: Art exhibition was held at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.
  • In October 2004: Pencil Tree Seminar jointly held by the creative research department of China Writers' Association, writers' Publishing House, Guangdong writers' Association and Shantou writers' Association.
  • In 2004, Solo art exhibition held in Seoul, South Korea.
  • In March 2005, Solo art exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.
  • In May 2007, She participated in the sixth senior seminar for young and middle-aged writers and children's literature writers class hold by Lu Xun Literary Institute.
  • In August 2007, essay Falling in love with Lu Xun Literary Institute was collected by Lu Xun Literary Institute.
  • In November 2007, she represented Guangdong in the National Youth creative Congress.
  • In July 2008, she won the title of National Charming Poet.
  • In July 2020, On the Train of Autumn won the Bing Xin Children's Literature Award.
  • In 2020, she won the Literary and Artistic Contribution Award from the Federal Government of the United States.

Artwork by Huaicun Zhang