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My work has been exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer show, the Discerning Eye, and Originals and two prints have been accepted for the Royal Society of British Artists annual exhibition. My work is on display in America and Australia and is currently displayed at galleries such as the Stark gallery in Canterbury, The Book and Print gallery in Cambridge and the Naomi Tyderman Gallery in Tenby South Wales.

In addition to my print work, I am also an installation artist who has exhibited work in galleries in London such as the A&D gallery and the Courtauld Institute at Somerset House in London. My latest installation is currently on display as part of the East Wing Nine exhibition of contemporary art at Somerset House. The show is open to the public at certain dates and their website with further information and images of all the artist̛̛s work including my work is at

My website is located at where you will see more examples of my work, and my email address is

I would welcome any comments on my work and I am available for commissions.

Artist Statement:

I am a Welsh artist based in London working in the traditional mediums of the etcher and stone lithography. The techniques I use in my work have changed little since the days of Rembrandt and Toulouse-Lautrec. But though I work in a traditional medium, I see myself as an artist working in the now. My influences are many but my themes are mainly the urban landscape and architecture of the city and the landscapes of Pembrokeshire where I was born and brought up.

All my prints are limited editions apart from my monoprints which are one off pieces. The prints are all produced on hand turned printing presses using archival standard inks and printed on fine art papers.

Artwork by Austin Cole