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Cheryl Culver RBA PPPS

Studied Fine Art at Leicester College of Art & Design. After graduating she spent 18 months in Mauritius with the International Voluntary Service as an artist. On her return to England she established a partnership working in property renovation and interior design using her skills to produce the architectural drawings and artists impressions of projects undertaken.

In 1982 she formed a business in conjunction with her sister, a silversmith, working closely with her producing a range of etched brass bowls, door plates etc. A bowl produced by them was accepted by the Victoria & Albert Museum for its permanent collection.

In 1990 in commemoration of the evacuation of Dunkirk she produced a Limited Edition of 150 pairs of brass etched coasters. Edition No. 2 was presented by her at the opening of the Dunkirk Exhibition in Dover to Winston Churchill MP grandson of the late Sir Winston Churchill. Edition No. 3 was presented to Major General Ramsay son of the late Admiral Ramsay who masterminded the Dunkirk Evacuation in 1940. Edition No. 1 was accepted by H.R.H Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh.

Cheryl lives in Sandwich where she has a custom built studio in her garden. Quiet unspoilt places are her inspiration and she shares these with her English Setter and her sketch book.

In June 2003 she was elected as a member of the Royal Society of British Artists and in March 2004 was elected a member of the Pastel Society.

President of the Pastel Society 2012 - 2016.

Her work has been exhibited throughout the UK and France.

Artist Statement:

I am a landscape painter because the countryside is the place where I feel most at ease. I do feel it is possible to have a spiritual connection with the natural world, and I hope that my paintings reflect this.

It is good to be humbled by nature and what better than a vast and powerful landscape or a mighty oak tree to do just that. Mankind needs to learn his place in the grand scheme of things. We have an amazing world around us, which survives in spite of all we do to destroy it. If one painting can communicate some of this magic, then a miracle has occurred. On another level, the natural world has its own symmetry. To me, as an artist, it is a matter of following the rules of that symmetry, and the painting will create its own conviction without the aid of photographic realism.

To draw the landscape is the point of contact. It is the most important part of the process --- the catalyst for the final work.

Awards & Prizes

‘Willi Hoffman-Guth Award for Colour and Light’, Pastel Society
The Brian Sinfield Gallery Award.
The Henri Roché Pastel Award.
The Girault Pastel Award St Aulaye France. (One work purchased for the Pastel Museum St Aulaye)


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‘The Pass’ is the cover image for this book ‘Life after a partner’s Suicide Attempt’ by Francis Mc Givern, published by Karnac Books.

‘The Gorge’ – acrylic on canvas has been used as the cover image for this book published by Confer Books -

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(* Articles created and written by Cheryl)

Artwork by Cheryl Culver