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Jeremy Galton RBA

Jeremy Galton was born in 1949 and studied Fine Art at the City and Guilds of London School of Art. For many years he has been interested in landscape, endeavouring to capture the essence of a particular place at a particular time through his meticulous attention to colour as well as to careful drawing. He uses the same approach to still life which gives him the chance to analyse and record the texture of materials such as metal, glass and flower petals. The juxtaposition of man-made colours with natural colours is a favourite theme: a patterned vase contrasting with flowers; beach paraphernalia contrasting with natural colours of sea and sky. He believes that every part of a picture̛̛s surface is as important as every other part so that the background and peripheral areas are treated with the same consideration as the main subject.

Jeremy Galton̛̛s recent paintings are constructed of dots or slightly larger patches of paint in an attempt to break up flat areas of colour and to loosen boundaries and contours. These works have been approached in a variety of ways, some exploiting underlying swathes of colour visible between dots, and some making use of entirely contiguous patches to conceal any traces of underpainting or canvas. In contrast to many previous paintings completed in situ, these works are completed over long periods and build layer upon layer to create a timeless, serene quality. Whereas the stippled appearance may superficially resemble the Divisionist or Pointillist paintings of the Post Impressionists such as Seurat or Signac, Galton̛̛s current phase of exploration aims to construct something entirely different.


He has held several one-man shows and has exhibited at high-profile events such as the Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions. His paintings feature in a large number of private collections in the UK and abroad and include a number of well-known corporate clients.


He is the author of five art instruction books, including the well-known Encyclopedia of Oil Painting Techniques which has been in print for 19 years. His paintings are reproduced in many other art instruction books and he has been a frequent contributor of articles and product reviews in magazines such as The Artist and Artists and Illustrators.


Choosing & Mixing Colours for Painting (Studio Vista 1988)
The Encyclopedia of Oil Painting Techniques (Headline 1991)
Seeing things Simply: Colour (Apple 1994)
Mix your own Oils (Apple 1995)
Artists̛̛ Questions Answered: Drawing (A&CB 2004)

Artwork by Jeremy Galton