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Peter Warden RBA

Born in Vancouver, Canada 1950. Attended Windlesham House School 1960-63, Lancing College 1963-66, Glasgow School of Art DA Drawing and Painting Post Dip. Printmaking 1972-77. Associate member The Royal Society of British Artists 1982 and a member in 1994.

Recently I have drawn several works featuring the Piers Plowman allegory (Locus Iste), again seeking to portray the questing spirit that motivated its creator William Langland, to seek out the dangers to which he felt his increasingly godless society was vulnerable. Future works will seek to continue this exercise of squaring the circle̛̛ by tackling the mystical writings of ̛̛The Cloud of Unknowing̛̛.

I work in all media principally pencil, pen and ink, watercolour, oils and acrylic. My early allegorical and religious works were executed in pencil employing the full range that medium allows from 8B pencils through to 9H.

I have painted several series of trompe l̛̛oeil pictures to commission that illustrate various aspects of the patron̛̛s life and family history utilising artefacts, letters, photographs and documents. These were executed in oils on hardboard. For detailed work I prefer the smooth surface of the well prepared panels though fine linen canvas is sometimes used.

At present I paint mainly in acrylic enjoying the speed and variety of effects this medium offers. Again I like surfaces with little tooth̛̛ and frequently paint on paper laid onto panel. I paint landscapes and portraits from sittings and or photographs depending on circumstance.

Artist Statement:

My earliest impulse in art was to interpret allegoric and religious subjects, not purely illustrating them but seeking to test their relevance to present day life. Such ambition has noble precedence and one cannot deny the influence of such artists as Stanley Spencer and William Blake in this.

Awards & Prizes

1976 Special Award Robert Colquhoun Memorial Competition
1992 Winner Devon and Cornwall Figurative Arts Competition

Artwork by Peter Warden