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Terry Watts RBA

Vast skies and an original and unsentimental approach to English landscape are the unique characteristics of Terry Watts̛̛ work. His large open spaces have a majestic emptiness allowing the physical forces which create the landscape to be clearly seen.

Having first pursued his interest in landscape through photography he became more analytical in his observation of the environment and our response to it. He found that it was only through painting that the necessary control over representation of landscape could be achieved. The paintings are precisely rendered yet contain freely created elements and are of unusually wide perspective. The result encompasses more of the character of the landscape than the camera can reveal.

Terry left Camberwell College of Art in 1962 and continued his training at Hammersmith College of Art. He worked in education obtaining a science degree along the way before moving to work on large landscape based sculptural projects for London Docklands Development Corporation, Merton Borough Council and British Gas among others. These commissions gave him a new fascination with perception of landscape and he returned to painting full time.

Was elected member of the Royal Society of British Artists in 2006. Work is exhibited regularly in London shows with the RBA, RI, RSMA, the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition and the Discerning Eye.


His first solo exhibition was at Stark Gallery, London and he exhibits widely in Southern England including Beaux Arts Bath, Bell Fine Art Winnchester and in Blackheath London, Bloxham and Stark Galleries. His work is represented in collections in Paris, Netherlands and Washington State as well as local authorities in England. In 2008 he has had two successful exhibitions at Broadway Modem, Worcester and at Francis Iles Gallery Rochester.

Work is exhibited regularly in London shows with the RBA, RI, RSMA, the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition and the Discerning Eye.

2008 Broadway Modern Worcester
2008 Francis Iles Rochester Kent
2007 Red Leaf Gallery Tunbridge Wells Kent
2006 The Pierre Point Gallery Bridport Dorset
2006 Buckenham Gallery Southwold Suffolk
2006 Greenwich Picture House London
2004 Stark Gallery London
2002 - 2005 London City Airport
2000 Stark Gallery London
1995 - 2000 Spatial Logic London
1998 The Lux Hoxton Square London
1998 Gas Holder Project Googies Restaurant london


2001 - 2008 shown in the USA, Glasgow, Amsterdam and Dublin and many UK galleries

Awards & Prizes

He was awarded the Guest Prize at the Laing Landscape Competition and twice won first prize at the London City Airport Competition in 2007 and received the Buzzacott ̛̛Best Picture̛̛ award at the RI

Commissions include installations in collaboration with architectural projects and regeneration schemes. Commissions also include photographic work for various publications and galleries

Artwork by Terry Watts