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Vicky Oldfield RBA

Vicky was born in London in 1966. At the age of six her parents moved to South Wales where she spent her early life. After a foundation course at Cardiff Art College, she studied multidisciplinary design at North Staffordshire Polytechnic which included, illustration, textile design, graphics, ceramics, glass and photography.

After graduation she moved to London to work as a designer, specializing in fabrics and interior design. Gaining a reputation in this field she was offered work in Paris, France where she was to live and work for Triodes International for four years.

Now married she returned to London in 1994 initially working as a freelance designer before making the switch to full time fine artist.

Known primarily as a printmaker Vicky finds beauty in the natural and everyday world. From the domestic to woodland flora, garden flowers, weeds by the roadside, bottles on a cluttered windowsill are all grist to the mill for her work. Especially known for her botanical subjects she has a fascination with the structure and design found in flowers and plants, often redrawing the same plant many times over to explore the subtle variations in its form.

Over the past few years Vicky has held a few artists residencies helping her delve further into the craft of printmaking. This has led her as far afield as Japan where in 2016 she saw for herself the long-held traditions of the printmaker in Tokyo and Kyoto. Recently, closer to home, she held the post of Artist in Residence at Ochre Print Studio in Guildford, 2019.

Vicky was elected a member of the Royal Society of British Artists in 2021.


She shows regularly at various galleries around the country. Her work has been seen in many prestigious exhibitions from the Royal Academy Summer Show, to showing continuously at the RBA Annual Exhibitions from 2011. She has been selected for exhibitions at the RE in the Bankside Gallery and beyond.

Awards & Prizes

She is a published author of ‘Mixed Media Collagraph Prints’ by the Crowood Press.

Artwork by Vicky Oldfield