Pat Elmore Sen.RBA

Artist Gallery

I started carving in 1980 and enjoyed it so much that I kept going. The subject matter is my immediate environment, four handsome sons, two lovely daughters and one husband(a cross between Father Christmas and Jesus) ducks, cats, sheep and the rolling landscape of the Vale of the White Horse.

My philosophy is that while excercise is good for the body, art is good for your soul. We all have a creative part in our brains, but many don̛̛t use it. In this monetary world we have lost sight of the meaning of life. Put the soul back with art, it is so satisfying, and when you are a pile of dust somewhere your art could still be around giving someone pleasure.

I have exhibited in Paris, London, Jersey and Monaco and had numerous one man shows around England. I am a member of the Royal Society of British Artists and the Bampton Arts Society and I have many private and public commissions.

I teach from my studio at Longcot and various small residencies. I have a permanent exhibition in my own studio and garden.


Showborough Prize
Showborough Sculpture Exhibition 2009.