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Bridget Moore Sen RBA NEAC RWS

Bridget Moore was born in Whitstable, Kent in 1960. She attended Medway College of Design , Epsom school of Art and Design and the Royal Academy Schools. She graduated in 1984 and was awarded the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Prize.

She was made an Associate member of the Royal Society of British Artists in 1985 and a full member in 1989. A New English Art Club member in 2005 an Associate member of the Royal Water Colour Society in 2013 and a full member in 2015.

Bridget spent all of her early life in Whitstable much of it at her Grandparent's home and it is a glimpse of these childhood memories that inform and influence her work. Conveying the theatrical nature and intimate dark arena of circuses and sideshows is another recurring theme in her painting.


She has exhibited work in numerous exhibitions across the UK and also in America and China. Other shows include RA Summer Exhibitions, Lynn Painter-Stainers (runner up 2006), The Discerning Eye and Sunday Times water colour competitions.

Artwork by Bridget Moore