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Megan Di Girolamo Sen RBA FRBS

Megan was born in New Delhi in 1942. Her family left India in 1946 for England where they settled in Buckinghamshire. Megan studied art at High Wycombe College, Hornsey College and South Glamorgan Institute where she achieved N.D.D., A.T.C. and M.A. qualifications.

Megan's unique sculptures are coiled in one piece, about a centimetre in thickness and contain no supports or armatures. Each piece is dried, bisque fired to 1000 degrees centigrade and re-fired. The sculptures are ceramic; glazed and raku fired. Outdoor work is fired to stoneware temperatures and decorated with slips and glazes. Commissions can be cast in bronze or resin at the client's request. Megan's work is often based on the unique relationship between mother and child, capturing the heat and weight of the child who will at any moment wriggle away, or the balance as the child moves in it̛̛s parent's arms with no fear of falling. Much of her work is based on her own family and friends. There is also a darker side to Megan's work, capturing humanitarian crisis and world problems with disturbing images of homelessness, famine and war.

In 1993 Megan was elected Associate Member of the Royal Society of British Artists and the Royal British Society of Sculptors. She was elected to full membership of the RBA in 1994. In 2000 she was elected Member of Society of Portrait Sculptors and in 2002 invited to become a Fellow of the Royal British Society of Sculptors.

Megan has lectured at the National Portrait Gallery, Dacoram Potter's Guild and at many educational establishments including South Glamorgan Institute, Amersham School of Art and Design. Buckinghamshire Chilterns University, Missenden Abbey and Aylesbury College.

Megan has been commissioned privately by numerous collectors and has also completed many corporate commissions including the Vatican and the Royal Mint.


Megan's work has been exhibited at numerous galleries and events including the Royal Academy, Society of Portrait Sculptors, The Royal Society of British Artists, Royal West of England Academy, Royal British Society of Sculptors, Royal Society of Birmingham Artists, The Albemarle Gallery, London, Art in Action, Waterperry, The Gallery, Manchester, Langham Galleries, Century Gallery, Datchett, Croatian Embassy and many others.

Awards & Prizes

Megan has won numerous awards for her sculptures including the De Laszlo Medal (1996), RBS Silver Medal (1997), Potclays Award (2000), Scott Goodman Harris Award (2001), Frink Sculpture School Award (2003 and 1999) and UBS Award 2004. Megan features in 'Modern British Sculpture' by Guy Portelli (2005).

Artwork by Megan Di Girolamo