Final Post from Rome Scholarship 2018 Winner Teresa Hunyadi

Over the past weeks I have been fascinated by the wide spread of signs for blind people in support of self directed navigation around public transport and places! Last year’s Rome Scholarship recipient Natalia Glinoer made sure I did not miss San Luigi dei Francesi and Caravaggio’s work there. This is a wonderful opportunity to see religious art in its … Read More

Rome Scholarship Winner – Teresa Hunyadi in Rome

Teresa’s Blog One: 1st July 2018: I am at the airport and very excited. A couple of more hours until my arrival. What a privilege to go to Rome for a month! Thank you so much! Luckily I will arrive in the evening, hoping that I get the night to adjust to the temperatures a bit.. 3rd July 2018: I … Read More

The Marianne Von Werther Memorial Award (Rome Scholarship) 2017 Winner

A report by Natalia Glinoer – Winner of the 2017 Marianne Von Werther Memorial Award (Rome Scholarship) Award Whilst staying in the beautiful city of Rome, I became absorbed in the rich culture, warm light, stunning fountains, galleries, museums, churches, gardens and gorgeous orange trees. I immersed myself in the diverse imagery that resonated with my artistic practice. Among the most … Read More