On average, there are 110 members elected to the RBA, all of whom are entitled to exhibit in the Annual Exhibition which is held at Mall Galleries in London.  The membership procedure is competitive; candidates will normally be expected to have previously exhibited several times with the Society after which they may apply for election to the RBA.  The election of new members takes place at the AGM, where candidates are able to show their work and, as a result of a ‘blind’ vote, one or more candidates may be elected to the Society.  The members all pay an annual subscription to the RBA and, as well as being able to show their work in the exhibition, they are also requested to play an active part in the maintenance and development of the Society.

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Chris Aggs RBA

Malcolm Ashman RBA RWA

Martyn Baldwin RBA

Denis C Baxter RBA RWA

Akash Bhatt RBA RWS

Annie Boisseau RBA

Susan Bower RBA ROI

David Brammeld RBSA RBA

Stephen Brown RBA

Rebecca Cains RBA RWA

Sue Campion RBA

Geoffrey Chatten RBA

Austin Cole RBA ASGFA

Richard P Cook RBA

Cheryl Culver PPPS RBA

Mick Davies PRBA

Megan Ann Di Girolamo RBA FRBS SPS MA

Brian D Douglas RBA NEAC


Meg Dutton VPRBA RE

David Eustace RBA

Hilary Frew RBA FRBS

Jeremy Galton RBA

Judith Gardner RBA NEAC

William Garfit RBA

Brian George RBA AROI

Michael Grey-Jones RBA

Carole Griffin RBA

Julian Halsby RBA

Miranda Halsby RBA

Charles Hardaker NEAC RBA

Laura Hardy RBA

Lewis Hazelwood-Horner RBA

George Large RBA RI

Jill Leman RWS RBA

Martin Leman RBA RWS

Anna Lever RBA

Lee Madgwick RBA


David Miller RBA

Chris Myers RBA RI

Peter Newsome FRBS RBA

Steven Outram RBA