Qualiart’s “Discover The One Japanese Art” exhibition at the Menier Gallery

Mick Davies, together with Nicholas Usherwood [Editor of Galleries magazine, Member of the Board of Trustees of the FBA and Chairman of its Exhibitions Committee] were invited for the 3rd year running to open Qualiart’s “Discover The One Japanese Art” exhibition, which took place at the Menier Gallery in London.

This show is the Japanese version of the RBA’s RISING STARS and Mr Kushida, CEO of Qualiart, also asked Mick Davies and Nicholas Usherwood to choose the winners from the show. These winning artists will also be having another exhibition in the Tokyo Station Gallery.  The works shown were the shortlist of artists who entered and the artists enjoyed meeting Mick and Nicholas and talking about their work.

Mick was the Guest of Honour at a dinner party which was held at The Table Cafe in Southwark, (unfortunately Nicholas was unable to attend). The evening was enjoyed by all.

Mick Davies giving his opening speech

Mick meeting the artists

Mr Kushida introducing his guests

Nicholas discussing the work with the artist

Nicholas Usherwood giving his speech

Speeches at the dinner party

Speeches on the patio

The Reception at the Menier Gallery