The Rome Scholarship 2016 – Recipients and Finalists

2016 Recipient – Paulina Pluta

The 2016 RBA Rome Scholar was Paulina Pluta who has written a short account of her stay:

“During the time of my scholarship in Rome I have been exposed to a wide range of environmental, historical and artistic stimuli, very different from the ones I found in the UK. I had expected Rome to be a crowded, buzzing and hot place in July, however I did not anticipate how these factors would influence my art work. I thought in advance of how I would like to spend my time and what I would like to paint however the strong atmosphere of the city seemed to precede and determine outcomes of my work.

Strong, warm, direct sunlight and defined contrasts seemed to dominate the landscape and I struggled to represent them using the tools and techniques I was used to. They seemed very blinding and I kept missing the cool, northern light I was used to, and struggled to find subtleties or stillness.

Nevertheless, I often thought of Corot and Morandi and hoped to be able to find a language with which I could represent the city in an honest way without losing individual qualities of my work. I have found a particular interest in architecture and interiors and spent some time inside Basilicas drawing casted figures. It was the ‘gestures’ that stayed with me the most, both the dramatic ones in the Biblical scenes in Caravaggio’s paintings and the humble, intimate ones I found, a bit hidden, in casted figures on the Aventine Hill in Santa Sabina’s Basilica.

I am very grateful to the RBA and Galleria Uno for giving me this great opportunity to learn and create in this wonderful city.”

Paulina Pluta - Study of Angels, Basilica St Giovanni in Laterano, Rome
Study of Angels, Basilica St Giovanni in Laterano, Rome