The Marianne Von Werther Memorial Award (Rome Scholarship) 2017 Winner

A report by Natalia Glinoer – Winner of the 2017 Marianne Von Werther Memorial Award (Rome Scholarship) Award

Whilst staying in the beautiful city of Rome, I became absorbed in the rich culture, warm light, stunning fountains, galleries, museums, churches, gardens and gorgeous orange trees.

I immersed myself in the diverse imagery that resonated with my artistic practice. Among the most notable works that were a great highlight for me was Michelangelo’s Pieta in the St Peter’s Basilica. The intimacy and composition were captivating, as was The Calling of St Matthew by Caravaggio in San Luigi Dei Francesi. Also seeing The Abyss by Pietro Canonica, evoked an intensity and intimacy, suggesting an uncanny relationship with my own artistic concepts.

I found Artemisia Gentileschi’s Madonna and Child at the Spada Gallery exquisitely beautiful, the tenderness of the hands and facial expressions had so much depth that I found it hard to look away from the painting. The Borghese Gallery was overwhelming at first, with its impressive marble sculptures by Bernini and the deceptive softness of the flesh.

Using coloured pencils and Conte as my means of observing this wonderful city, I focused on the strong sense of tonalities and compositional structures. I was especially fascinated by the way the light accentuated the shadows and the edges of buildings and sculptures. The warm glow of the light made the colours so much more vibrant and delicious, a very different contrast to the greyish undertones in the UK. The sunlight seemed to wrap me in a hug.

The Marianne Von Werther Memorial Award/Rome Scholarship allowed me to experience creativity in a new and challenging environment that gave and continues to provide my work with an air of renewed excitement and attachment to Rome.

I’m very grateful to the RBA and the Sala Uno gallery for giving me the opportunity to have this enriching and wonderful experience. Thank you for enabling me to find a deeper connection with the paintings and sculptures I love, thus encouraging my art to grow.

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